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Origin: the coast of the Indian Ocean and parts of Southeast Asia; Ethiopia (Abyssinia)
Appearance: Well-proportioned cats, with a medium-sized body, have large ears and beautiful almond-shaped green or gold eyes. Each hair of the coat has several bands of colour - this is known as agouti colour. The recognized colours are ruddy brown, red, blue, and fawn.
Personality: are renowned for their high intelligence and playful nature, can be taught basic tricks

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http://farai.ru - Питомник абиссинских кошек дикого и соррель окрасов. Москва, Россия
http://www.quodlibet-abys.it - QUODLIBET
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http://www.gattiabissini.com - SOLARIAN allevamento gatti abissini
http://www.madamareale-aby.org - MadamaReale

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Farai Abyssinians: O'Leff Thirteenth

Farai Abyssinians: O'Leff Thirteenth (Abissino)

Абиссинская кошка дикого окраса. Наследница оригиналь...

from farai
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