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Colourpoint Persians
Origin: Colourpoint were originated through experimental selection progams in Sweden and USA in the 20's years of the past century.
Appearance: They were bred from Persian (for coat-length and temperament) and Siamese (for the markings). Colourpoint Persian, also called Himalayan, is a breed of cat with extremely long, fluffy fur, and blue eyes and the points of a Siamese. The body of a Himalayan is white, but the points come in many different colors: blue, brown, lilac, chocolate, flame, red, cream.
Personality: These cats are sweet-tempered, very social and intelligent. They tend to be more active than Persians.

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faraonica (Himalaiano)

il mio gatto si chiama duchessa ma per gli amici ducky,è un gatto persiano grigio,occhi gialli e ne...

from samuel
20648 Hit(s)
pierrot e la luna

pierrot e la luna (Himalaiano)

il mio cucciolo ha quasi 2 anni,ma è di una dolcezza e tenerezza da eterno cucciolone...

from dafne08
14846 Hit(s)

stupenda (Himalaiano)

sono buonissima,coccolona e un po' dormigliona.ho il pelo corto...

from elia
13678 Hit(s)