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Origin: Canada
Appearance: Tonkinese cats are a cross between the Siamese and Burmese cat breeds. They have very muscular bodies, a distinctive oval-shaped paw, and a modified wedge-shaped head, with large ears set towards the outside of their head. Tonks come in four colors and exhibit a wide variety of patterns (mink, solid and pointed).
Personality: intelligent, curious, affectionate with people, and interested in them

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http://tonkinese.altervista.org - Piccolo allevamento amatoriale di gatti di razza tonkinese, associato AFI/WCF.
http://www.cat-tonkinese.narod.ru - Питомник Тонкинской породы кошек STYLE FUR (FIFe)
http://www.tonkerland.it - Tonkerland

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