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Selkirk RexSelkirk Rex

Selkirk Rex
Origin: USA
Appearance: The Selkirk rex is a cat of medium size, with muscular body. The medium-sized, tapering ears are broad at the base and set well apart on the head. Their noses have a distinct curve. This breed has curls over the entire body.
Personality: Patient, loving and tolerant

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http://nitewindcattery.homestead.com/kittens.html - NiteWind Cattery
http://www.selkirkrex.net/ - Sito dedicato ai gatti Selkirk Rex, al loro allevamento a Monza, alle porte di Milano

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Selkirk Rex

Selkirk Rex (Selkirk Rex)

Sally comes from show-breed parents. Her father and brother are both award-winning Selkirks. She was...

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