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European BurmeseEuropean Burmese

European Burmese
Origin: North America
Appearance: The coat is short and fine, lying close to the body. The tail has a rounded tip and the paws are oval. In difference from American Burmese the European Burmese come in ten colours. The head is short and wedge shaped, with medium-sized rounded ears and large and widely spaced eyes.
Personality: highly intelligent and affectionate

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* *.:。✿*゚’゚・✿.♡ιℓ мισ мι¢ιєттσ♡ *.:。✿*゚’゚・✿. (European Burmese)

è il mio piccolino,Kira.♡ Ho deciso di fare un post per farvi vedere il mio gatto^^avrà un sosi...

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(European Burmese)

Luna è molto dolce, coccolona e curiosa....

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